gamescom 2011

New Diablo III Difficulty Options Available For Experts

by Phil Kollar on Aug 17, 2011 at 06:52 AM

While Diablo III is certain to keep many gamers busy for a long time with its Normal, Nightmare, and Hell difficulty settings -- a popular progression borrowed from the previous games in the series -- today at Gamescom Blizzard announced that the action-RPG will feature a new ultra-difficult option that unlocks for players who conquer Hell.

The new Inferno difficulty is being planned for Diablo players who have max-level characters. The level cap this time around is level 60, but every monster in Inferno mode will be at least level 61, meaning there's no way for players to simply outlevel the challenge. As with the other difficulty settings, Inferno will introduce new items, a more powerful range of abilities from enemies, and other incentives to keep playing.

Blizzard also noted that in Diablo III, each difficulty's new armor sets will be uniquely modeled. In Diablo II, new armor and weapons were made available at higher difficulties, but they recycled assets from the lower difficulties. Now when a character has made it to Inferno, it will show in the crazy gear they are wearing.

In addition to new gear, Blizzard says higher difficulty levels will feature unique upgrades for the players' artisan camps and additional ranks for runes. They may extend the level cap past 60 eventually, but right now they want to focus on providing compelling content for players who hit the cap.