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Why I Picked Resident Evil For My Guinness Record

by Tim Turi on Aug 01, 2011 at 10:00 AM

We here at Game Informer are developing somewhat of a fascination with going after Guinness World Video Game Records. We previously broke the record for longest fighting game marathon with our 30 hour, live-streamed Smash Bros. session, which has since been bested. Now six editors are going after six individual records all at once over the weekend of August 6-7.

I’m gunning for a record in a whole new category: “Longest Video Games Marathon Playing a Survival Horror Game.” While the record is for the survival horror genre, I’m limited to the Resident Evil universe. Fortunately, that means I can play any Resident Evil game released since the franchise’s 1996 debut in my quest to play a minimum of 24 hours.

I’ve tackled every Resident Evil game released so far (save for the crappy RE: Gaiden for Game Boy Color), so I won’t be sinking my teeth on any brand new experiences. I’ve conquered every core Resident Evil game multiple times, so I may have to find creative new ways to play this time. No breezing through the mansion in two hours with an unlimited rocket launcher. Perhaps I’ll go for my first knife-only run in the original Resident Evil, or try to beat with Resident Evil 4 without upgrading or buying new weapons. Ideally, I’ll skip over Resident Evil: Code Veronica and RE: 4, since the superior HD remakes come out a month from the record attempt.

I’m toying with the idea of playing through the entire series chronologically. This isn’t as simple as following the titles’ numbering. The first half of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis takes place before Resident Evil 2, and the second half takes place after. I may research the series’ timeline and take a strict walk through the story, including the bits of Resident Evil Outbreak which take place when the infection first hits Raccoon City.

In the beginning I was a little wary about plugging through these well-worn classics once again, but simply writing about the marathon has me excited again. I’ve already beaten Resident Evil 2 dozens of times (once as a Super Replay), but I can’t wait to plug through Claire and Leon’s scenarios again. If I get tired of the traditional survival horror gameplay, I can mix it up by playing Resident Evil 5’s terrific Mercenaries mode, or free up a hand to shovel food into my face by popping in RE: Darkside Chronicles and blasting away with a single Wii remote.

In all, I feel little bit like one of the Raccoon City S.T.A.R.S. members standing before the front doors of the Spencer Mansion – anxious and uncertain about how I’ll make it through the harrowing night. Though the territory is very familiar to me, I’m certain there will be some unpredictable decapitations, missing keys, and ammo shortages at crucial moments in the marathon. But hey, that’s half the fun.

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