CosBlog # 63: Princess White Rose By Malro Doll

by Meagan Marie on Jul 29, 2011 at 12:05 PM

You may remember Malro Doll from another recent CosBlog, when she stepped into the pantsuit of James for a memorable Team Rocket photoshoot. This time, the internationally-known cosplayer is back with one of her earlier ensembles. Check out her lovely interpretation of Princess White Rose below.

Who: The Character
The character is Shirobara Hime or Princess White Rose from JRPG Saga Frontier of 1997. It's unfortunately not so popular though it has an amazing storyline. There's a line of artworks made by the talented Kobayashi Tomomi (also worked for Granado Espada) and there's only one full image of Shirobara Hime.

Why: The Decision
Why did I choose her? It's very simple to understand if you only take a look at the picture. It's amazingly beautiful and exceptional. And it has my favorite color combination of blue and yellow. So first I saw the costume and only after that discovered the game and felt in love with the character even more. Princess White Rose accompanied and helped the main character Asselus and sacrifice herself to save beloved woman (so, yes, it's a lesbian character x).

What: The Process
It did not take long to make this costume; I had much fun constructing and making it and almost did not have problems with the process (this is rare for me actually). I had to make a very puffy skirt as a base for all the faux roses I found and bought and the most interesting part was to add all of them to the skirt. I also bought and remade yellow boots and unfortunately they were really uncomfortable and it was torture to wear them.

Where and When: The Debut
The debut of the costume was in Moscow at a winter convention called Animatrix 2010, which is very popular among the Russian cosplayers. We had a performance there but it was kind of a crossover and was not connected with the game. That is why we together with our cosplay team R&R (you can remember our Team Rocket cosplay) want to make a real performance dedicated to Saga Frontier line and world. I hope it would be a good show. After Moscow I also visited another convention as Shirobara Hime and had a second place for the costume. We also held the photoshoot at a studio and tried to create a feeling of a magic land through the pictures. I hope we succeed.

Links: The Cosplayer
You can find me on Facebook and DeviantArt.

The Gallery
Photo credits: Kifir

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