505 Games Press Release Suggests Vita Will Release In 2011

by Matt Helgeson on Jul 28, 2011 at 03:15 PM

With conflicting reports circulating about the release date of the PlayStation Vita, a new press release from publisher 505 Games indicates that the system will hit our shores sometime this holiday season.

Conflicting rumors had said that the Vita might release on either November 4th of this year or January of 2012. Today, 505 Games issued a press release for its Vita title Supremacy MMA that featured the headline "Supremacy MMA Takes the Fight to the Streets with PlayStation Vita This Fall."

A 2011 release date for Supremacy MMA was mentioned elsewhere in the release.

Video game news site GameSpot asked 505 to clarify and received the response, "All of the information we currently have available is in the press release." Meanwhile, MCV heard back from another 505 representative who said the date was "only speculative."

Let's hope 505 Games is correct, as we here at Game Informer are very excited to get our hands on the Vita.

Source: GameSpot