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blog herding

Blog Herding: Community Edition 07/21/11

by Annette Gonzalez on Jul 21, 2011 at 01:34 PM

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You may or may not have heard the news, but this is the last edition of Blog Herding coming from me as I am closing out my last few days as a member of the Game Informer staff. Rest assured the series will live on through other editors so keep on blogging! Check out this week's community blog picks. Happy reading!

Indiejones Interviews Greg Kasavin About Bastion
Indiejones chats with Supergiant Games' Greg Kasavin about the downloadable game that's been making headlines.

Attack Against Gamers
Survivor girl provides an alternate solution to verbally attacking opposers of the gaming community.

Discussion: Has Gaming Become A Mass Art Form?

"Can it be said that games like Mass Effect 2, Read Dead Redemption, and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots are as much art as The Godfather or Star Wars? The theme from Legend of Zelda (just listening to it gives me the happy chills) and Beethoven's 5th? Minecraft to the Lego Brick? The stories of Fallout 3 and Farenheit 451?" Join the discussion in the comments section of kebebasan's post.

In The Limbo Of Love

"It is my belief that Limbo is a game that should be played and then once completed, the player should decide for themselves just what is going on in this crazy black and white world. As for me, this is what I came up with." Check out PaperandPen's interpretation.

Wouldn't It Be Great If... #3

In the latest entry of the ongoing series, o_JMan240_o puts in an argument for modular consoles.

Building A Better Villain
"Let me get this off my chest. I've been playing games for a very long time, and here recently, I'm getting really annoyed by the bookended finales, sub-par plots, and blatant cliffhanger endings that serve only to say 'there will be a sequel.' But I want to get away from that. There's one thing I truly cannot stand in a game. One serious flaw that just makes me go cash it back in for store credit." What is it? Check out Matt-boy's post to find out.

Dead On Arrival: What's The Point?

"...though I may love handhelds, and think that with the amazing leap in technology they can produce amazing games there really isn’t and reason for them to exist. Mobile games have established themselves as a much cheaper and easier to use alternative to kill those few minutes while waiting for the bus." Do you agree with tenzen? Put in your two cents in the comments section of the post.

Why I'm A Phony
An honest post from koob24 about what it's like to dive into the world of video games a little late.

Satisfaction Not Always Guaranteed
"I know that developers don't make any money off my purchase of used games, and I know that because of this I have to be completely sympathetic towards them, and constantly buy games new for fear that they will all become homeless and begging with Mr. Hobbles on my street corner, but I want a guarantee. When money counts for everything that you need in life it's hard to sit there and spend money on anything. Every once in awhile I would like a game, but I need some kind of guarantee that my money isn't being spent poorly." Check out TOGNick's post for more.

Community Events

Vote Now For Frag Fest 06
Vote and get details on the next Frag Fest in Fever Ray's post.

First Ever Game Informer Community Bike Ride This July 30th
Join the Game Informer crew on a community bike ride! It kicks off at our headquarters in Minneapolis! If you make it through the 27-mile ride you'll be treated to a tour of the Game Informer office upon return. You can then stick around and hang out with the GI crew for a bite to eat at one of our favorite food spots (on your own dime). Get the full scoop in Andy's post.

Community Podcasts

Robot In The Corner Podcast: Episode 40
Wacom tablets, August Burns Red, Half Minute Hero, the Air Music app for iOS, the Dark Knight Rises trailer, and more.

The 4th Floor Episode 15: The Quinceanara

Penn State Art Festival, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2, 3D movies, haunted apartments, and Brutal Legend. Keep listening for Movie of the Week.

Staff blogs you may have missed: Andy expresses his opinions on gamers who hide their speech behind anonymity in his latest Letter From the Editor. In a goodbye post I share a few words on the past two incredible years at Game Informer and where I'm headed next. It's been an amazing ride. Thank you all for being a part of it! <3