UPDATE: Looks like we are going to have some great weather, but I wanted to remind everyone while we have two groups going, 27 miles is no joke and takes a certain level of training and fitness (not a ton, but we don't want people dying or hurting themselves). So remember this event is all about having fun, being safe, and hanging out while we ride our bikes. Remember, be here at 8:45 AM for sign-up and emergency numbers because we leave no later than 9:15 AM.

ORIGINAL STORY: A number of the Game Informer team started bike riding in the last year, so I figured it was time to put together a GI Ride and invite our community along. The Tour De GI is simple, we will meet up here at the office on July 30th at 9 AM (see address below), travel the 27 mile loop listed in the MapMyRide link, and all who make it through will be treated to a tour of GI headquarters upon our return. Then for any that are interested in hanging around after, we will go get a Cuzzy burger after for lunch (on your own dime).

Important Info:

We will have two groups if there are enough people, a chill group lead by Dan Ryckert and Ben Hansen that will hit the route at about 10 to 13 mph pace. I'll lead a second group for those that want to hit the loop a little harder (this is for those that clip-in,use drop bars, and wear silly looking clothing) if enough are interested in going 17 mph to 20 mph.

The route would allow for a break at Calhoun or Harriet for beverages if needed.

All adults who can be responsible for themselves are welcome, as there will be a sign-up sheet the morning of the ride so we can get emergency numbers, etc. This isn't a GI sponsored event or anything, just bikers who want to ride and are inviting others to ride with us. If the weather is bad that morning, please check back here or my twitter account for updates on time changes, but we will do everything in our power to get the ride on the 30th. Please show up at 8:45 so we have time to chat and hang out before as we will leave no later than 9:15.

I'm really looking forward to this, and I'm hoping it will be a good time had by all.


The Course:


The Address:

724 N. 1st St.

Minneapolis, MN 55401

The Time:

8:45 AM, July 30, 2011 (We leave no later than 9:15)

What our building looks like: