Crash Mode Kept Out Of Burnout Paradise Because Of New Downloadable Game

by Phil Kollar on Jul 11, 2011 at 03:20 PM

While I adored Criterion's 2008 open-world racer, Burnout Paradise, I was among the many Burnout fans wondering why the developer made the baffling choice to ditch the series' beloved Crash mode. Last week's newly-announced Burnout Crash downloadable game is apparently the answer to that long-standing question.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Criterion creative director Alex Ward revealed that a small team at the studio has been working on Burnout Crash "for about a year." "If you played Burnout Paradise, everybody asked me at the time why we didn't put Crash mode in," Ward said. "This was why. It was always our intention."

As its title suggests, Crash mode is the primary focus of the new downloadable game, although Criterion has made another strange choice in giving Burnout Crash a top-down view and a goofy art style. I'm still giving them the benefit of the doubt and will check it out when it's released later this year, but this still isn't the Crash mode I actually want.