CosBlog #60: Commander Shepard By Zonbi

by Meagan Marie on Jun 29, 2011 at 07:01 AM

The fact that every Shepard is unique to his or her creator gives a bit of flexibility when it comes to cosplay and special ownership over the final result. Check out cosplayer Zonbi’s vision of renegade Commander Shepard below.

Who: The Character
Commander Shepard from Mass Effect 2. I'm wearing one of the female casual outfits available in the game.

Why: The Decision

I felt so involved playing Mass Effect 2. Commander Shepard is such a strong character that does whatever it takes to save humanity. I admire that! The more I played, the more I realized how fun it would be to wear a Shepard costume.

What: The Process

It took about 2 weeks to make the entire costume. It only cost me about 50 dollars to complete it! I used fabric for the costume and EVA foam for the pistol, blue LEDs for the lights, and a little bit of latex for the renegade facial scars. The hardest part was making a pattern from scratch

Where and When: The Debut

I first wore the costume at MidSouthCon2011 in Memphis, TN. The photoshoot was located at the Memphis Public library.

Links: The Cosplayer
You can find me on

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