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Final Fantasy VII And VIII Nearly Released On Steam

by Phil Kollar on Jun 25, 2011 at 06:30 AM

True story: My first playthrough of Final Fantasy VII was entirely done on PC. Square Enix isn't known for having a great PC support for its Japanese releases, but FF VII and VIII both received somewhat rough but workable PC versions. Since I had a suitable gaming PC at the time but no PlayStation, that's what I went with. As it turns out, I could have relived those memories on Steam, but it looks like the stars might be crossed for that particular dream.

RPG Site reports the surprising news that Final Fantasy VII and VIII have apparently been uploaded onto Steam's servers and ready to go "for months." This comes via the Steam Registry Toolkit, which allows users to view a Content Description Record listing every game and file available on Valve's Steam servers.

With some more digging, RPG Site was able to figure out that Square has been tinkering with launch code for the two notoriously unstable PC ports. Unfortunately, the last time that they updated anything was back in 2010, so it looks like brief hopes for nice, playable versions of FF VII and VIII on PC are probably not worth holding onto. RPG Site speculates that Square probably will not release the current, shoddy versions of the game at all.

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