Molyneux Clarifies Fable: The Journey Is Not On Rails

by Ben Reeves on Jun 13, 2011 at 08:08 AM

During E3 last week, Microsoft unveiled Fable: The Journey, a new motion-controlled action/RPG for Kinect. The E3 demo left some with the impression that this title would be on rails, but Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux wants everyone to know that this isn’t true.

Lionhead’s E3 demo was designed to show how players could steer their horse and cast spells using a variety of hand gestures, but Molyneux felt that the demo didn’t do a good job of showcasing how players would navigate the environment. We still don’t have a lot of info about how players will be able to explore the world in Fable: The Journey, but Molyneux wants everyone to know that the game is not on rails. OXM UK even posted a video, where the designer has journalist sign a wall that reads, “It’s not on rails.”

In case you missed it during the deluge of gaming info last week, we also pointed out that the game wasn’t on rails in our E3 preview of Fable: The Journey.