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Kinect Star Wars Demo Shows Off Battle For Bespin

by Tim Turi on Jun 06, 2011 at 07:52 AM

From the time the Kinect was first officially named until now, players have been intrigued by the concept of waving a virtual lightsaber. Today at the Microsoft press conference a demo was shown revealing an adventure through a war-ravaged Cloud City.

The beginning of the demo showed off scenes previously highlighted in the Kinect Star Wars trailer, such as pod races, speeder bike chases, hover cars, and of course lightsaber battles.

The live demonstration began with a Jedi riding a transport onto the smoldering floating city of Bespin. The goal is to save Jedi prisoners being held. The demonstrator yells "lightsaber on" to activate his radiant blade, then proceeds to flail about to hew battle droids in half. He leaps over foes, blocks blaster shots with his hand, and even uses the force to move a destroyed tank. The first time the player slowly raised his hands to move the tank (similar to Luke's attempts to save his X-Wing from the swamp on Dagoba), the force failed him. His next try succeeded, allowing the Jedi to raise the tank off the bridge and throw it into oblivion.

After more lightsaber slashing and fallen battle droids, the Jedi finds himself in the infamous carbonite chamber. Two shadowy robed figures emerge from behind the obscuring smoke, sporting dual red lightsabers. Ending the demo, an ominous Palpatine-sounding voice is heard saying "Welcome to your destiny, Jedi." Will players be able to choose between the dark and light side of the force in Kinect Star Wars?