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Kinect Star Wars

Debut Trailer For Kinect Star Wars

For many, a Kinect Star Wars game is all they've wanted from the peripheral. LucasArts and developer Terminal Reality will show the game at E3, and here's your first glimpse.

Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive video of the game's E3 trailer, and it shows off a range of Kinect-enabled Star Wars action set in Episodes I-III, including Force attacks, lightsaber action (naturally), podracing, fighter combat, and even Rancor stomping (whatever that is). EW's report even says that some form of voice-commands is enabled. Although the game's main Jedi Destiny mode encompasses Episodes I-III, players will get to visit locations from the original trilogy such as Bespin.

Kinect Star Wars also includes co-op play, but we likely won't have details on that until the start of E3.

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  • Wow that looks terrible.
  • first, this is going to play like garbage because of the inability to move i bet, but im curious on how well will the recognition of motions register.

  • Now im interested in buying a kinect, Thank you microsoft!... For making me want your stuff? LOLOLOLOLOLOL It better be the coolest star wars game since battle front 2, and if the first statement is true I want a better sequel for the original trilogy.
  • i wodner how this game will play haha, cool idea though and if this one isnt good once the technology gets better it will probably be awesome.
  • Yeah...when a trailer shows a fifteen year old pretending to be a Jedi in a game with PS2 quality graphics...IT MAKES ME WANT TO PLAY IT! You know, or not.
  • Lol hope its good.

  • The kid looks like a ***

  • A game like this has a lot of potential but this looks like crap.  I really hope this has like 2 years of production time left.

  • yeah that doesn't look fun less maybe your a young kid who wants to play pretend and not be able to move around more than bending n flailing your limbs :/
  • Pod racing! dorkgasm. Gonna walk away now cause I'm afraid of all the haters... they get so angry when you say you like stuff like this...
  • Ugh...this still looks terrible.

  • This is exactly what I dreamed of when Nintendo first introduced motion gaming.
  • This makes me want another Star Wars racing game.
  • Wow, did you see how crisp and amazing those animations were? It's like that guy was actually a kickawesome jedi...

  • I tried to focus but the *** little kid was just 2 much

  • What did I just watch.
  • I'm a huge Star Wars fan, but those look like Wii graphics.
  • Well, not impressive by this trailer.  Why in the hell are you controlling a Rancor that stomps Storm Troopers?

    Graphically, it's not bad looking.  I'm very wary of input lag.

  • It looks 1. Fake 2. Terrible even if it wasn't fake 3. Sluggish at best in terms of responses to your movements. Good luck, crappy Star Wars game.
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