Mega Man Creator Inafune Planning PS3 RPG

by Matt Miller on May 25, 2011 at 07:20 AM

The producer behind Resident Evil and Mega Man has at least two new projects in the wings.

A recent report by Bloomberg left gamers with some tantalizing details about Inafune's upcoming projects. The former Capcom game creator says that he's working on two new projects. One of them is a social game targeted to the Japanese market. The second is a PlayStation 3 role-playing game that will release as soon as this August.

Keiji Inafune left a long-time position at Capcom late late last year, recently opened two new companies to focus on making the kinds of games he's interested in. This latest report seems to offer a hint of what those games may be.

Are you a big fan of Dead Rising, Lost Planet, or Mega Man? If so, are you still following Inafune's career?