CosBlog #56: Team Rocket By R&R

by Meagan Marie on May 25, 2011 at 07:01 AM

While the costumes are simple enough, Team Rocket’s wild hairstyles make them somewhat difficult characters to pull off. Not for Russian cosplayers R&R, though, who took the time to style each wig to perfection. Check out the fantastic results below.

Who: The Character

Jessie and James (Team Rocket)

Why: The Decision
Our cosplay team is called R&R (first letters of our nicknames Ryoko and Rei) and  that's why it was very symbolic and funny that Jessie and James have "R" on their costumes. And among all the series myself and Rei (aka Malro-doll) liked this couple most of all, so making a cosplay of them was our destiny. 

What: The Process
Actually, the costumes were the easiest part. The main problem was making the wigs. The materials are very standard and did not cost much. Before I started making Jessie's wig, I was practicing styling wigs for my friends for a month, who also took part in the Pokémon project with me. You can read all about the process in a tutorial I wrote. I hope it will help other cosplayers make it even better!

Where and When: The Debut
We debuted our Team Rocket costumes in Russia at the convention called Asia-Breath 2010, where we had a large Pokémon cosplay team and made a performance. After that we had about 5 photoshoots and at the same time we were making a video. The result of this video you'll see very soon.

Links: The Cosplayer
Ryoko, and Rei (Malro-doll)

The Gallery
Photography by Kifir and Predator,  costumes, wigs, and make-up by Ryoko and Rei (Malro-doll)


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