manly paper folding

Check Out The Duke Nukem Papercraft

by Matt Miller on Apr 28, 2011 at 08:42 AM

Is this the manliest folded paper you've ever seen? Probably.

Duke Nukem Forever is only a few weeks away from release on June 14th. For real. As in, this game is actually coming out after something like twelve years of development hell.

As you wait these final days, some of you will be happy to check out the papercraft version of Duke that will ship with the Balls of Steel edition of the game. If you're not into the paper folding thing, you may also be interested to learn that Gearbox has posted their newest podcast about the game, which includes details regarding the world of Duke Nukem Forever, a place where Duke is the most famous person around. You can find both the papercraft and the podcast at the game's official site.

Will you be buying Duke Nukem Forever when it comes to retail in June?