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Portal 2 Easter Egg: Turrets Are Even More Adorable Than You Thought

by Phil Kollar on Apr 21, 2011 at 03:00 PM

If you've been playing Valve's latest fantastic release, Portal 2 -- and you should be! -- or even if you just played the original when it came out in 2007, then you're familiar with the innocent-yet-deadly turrets, sleek, bullet-packing robots that will gun you down mercilessly but kindly forgive you when you knock them out. They probably have already made you say "awww" at their overall cuteness, but a newly discovered easter egg from the sequel just adds to that feeling.

The video below, from YouTube user BlueXephos, shows off an early puzzle in Portal 2 where you can discover a hidden area that has a nice surprise: singing turrets. Check it out for yourself:


[Thanks to Richard for the news tip!]