Deus Ex: Human Revolution Getting Extra-Rare Special Edition In Europe And Australia

by Phil Kollar on Apr 19, 2011 at 12:13 PM

Square Enix has already announced the Deus Ex: Human Revolution "Augmented Edition," which costs $10 more than normal and comes with an art book, a making of DVD, and a motion graphic novel. Now we're hearing that the game will be receiving an even more packed special edition...outside the U.S. only.

Destructoid reports that a new "very limited" Collector's Edition of Human Revolution has been announced for Australia, New Zealand, and "select European countries." This package will include the full contents of the North American "Augmented Edition," as well as several special weapons that are being offered as pre-order bonuses here, 10,000 in-game credits, and an Adam Jensen action figure.

If you live in America and are bummed that you won't have a chance to purchase this special edition of Deus Ex, keep this in mind: It's apparently being sold for 100 Euro, which translates to just under $150. Don't get me wrong, the little statue looks cool and all, but...yikes.