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Blizzard Announces New Dungeon, Adorable Dungeon Helper For World Of Warcraft

by Phil Kollar on Apr 01, 2011 at 07:30 AM

If there's one thing gamers have said about World of Warcraft for years now, it's that the game is too hardcore for its own good and not new-user-friendly at all. Thankfully, Blizzard is finally taking some steps to fix all of that with Crabby, the new Dungeon Helper.

Announced on the World of Warcraft website, Crabby will accompany hesitant adventurers into dungeons, providing useful information along the way such as strategies for defeating bosses. If you choose to make use of Crabby, he will always be visible in the lower right corner of the screen, offering tips and advice as you progress through each dungeon.

Even hardcore WoW players will need the help, too, as Blizzard has also announced a deadly new dungeon: the Tomb of Immortal Darkness. This five-player dungeon will introduce Blizzard's impressive Deep Dark technology, clouding the vision of any heroes brave enough to enter its murky halls. If you're able to navigate the darkness and make it to the end (perhaps thanks to the ever-helpful words of Crabby), you'll have to face the dread, dark god Omgsogoth.

The Tomb of Immortal Darkness will be added to World of Warcraft in patch 4.1.11, and Crabby should be begging you to use his advice constantly beginning today. Enjoy the improved experience!