CosBlog #49: Valkyrie Profile’s Lenneth By Shappi

by Meagan Marie on Mar 24, 2011 at 07:15 AM

Polish Cosplayer Shappi’s tribute to Valkyrie Profile is impressive at first glance, but even more so when considering this was her first attempt at armor and wing fabrication. The ambitious project was crafted out of foam, wonderflex, a flurry of feathers, and even mannequin parts.

Check out costume details and the gallery below! Enjoy!

Who: The Character
The character is Lenneth, one of the three Valkyrie sisters from Valkyrie Profile series.

Why: The Decision
Lenneth was one of my favorite characters and biggest cosplay dreams since I can remember. Valkyrie Profile is such an amazing game! I love costumes that are a challenge to me, as well as Valkyrie designs – armor and wings are my thing!

What: The Process
The costume was very time and money consuming. It took two months and about 250 euro to finish it. I used a lot of different materials such as craft foam, wonderflex, tons of feathers and even a shop mannequin! It may sound funny, but with such a complicated project I had to think hard how to provide durability of armor and comfort while wearing this cosplay. The most difficult task was the body armor piece and the wings. It was my first time creating those!

Where and When: The Debut
The costume was debuted at the European Cosplay Championships 2010 in London where I was the second Polish representative in the contest. The photoshoot took place in Cracov (Poland) with awesome Zahora Studio - we took photos in studio and on Kościuszki Mound. It was so cold!

Links: The Cosplayer
You can find Shappi on DeviantArt and

The Gallery
Photos were taken by Mateusz Zahora and Mateusz Papiernik from Zahora Studio with assistance from Paweł Kubiak and Magdalena Szymańska.

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