This Fallout Movie Almost Got Made

by Phil Kollar on Mar 19, 2011 at 09:10 AM

The Fallout franchise may still be waiting on a big screen debut, but way back in the series' early days a script for a potential Fallout film was already written. New details about that movie have now surfaced.

Fallout wiki site The Vault has uncovered and posted a full PDF of the second revision of a Fallout movie script from 1998. The script was created as part of the Interplay Films spin-off studio before Fallout 2 had even been released, and it was abandoned when Interplay Films shut down in 2000.

The Fallout film's story -- detailed here or available in full PDF form here -- follows a vault-dwelling 20-something hero as he leads a group looking for a replacement water purifier for Vault 13. It's a familiar but classic tale that could have served as a fun structure to introduce the desolate world of Fallout.

Check out the full story for yourself at the links above. Personally, I could easily see a reasonably good movie set in the Fallout universe being made, though I'm sure Hollywood would figure out some way to screw it up.

[via Kotaku]