J.K. Simmons Lending Vocal Talents To Portal 2

by Meagan Marie on Mar 13, 2011 at 07:45 AM

As Portal 2’s release draws nearer, surprising new details are still surfacing.

J.K. Simmons – a seasoned actor known for his enthusiastic role as J.J. Jameson in the Spider-Man films, among many others – will be voicing Aperture Science president Cave Johnson.

Johnson was hinted via Ratman scribblings in the first Portal, and rumored as inclusion in the second thanks to a casting call back in 2008. According to Valve’s Erik Wolpaw, we’ll be hearing quite a bit of his voice in the game, but there has been no confirmation if the president will make an appearance in one capacity or another.

Check out the first few minutes of Portal 2 from PAX East below, featuring a quick quip from Johnson near the end.


The original Portal found a solitary voice and personality for the game in GLaDOS. Portal 2’s expansion with support characters may seem risky, but with quality voice talent and a well-constructed script, we’re excited to have more playmates.

[via Joystiq. Thanks to Zum Zum for the tip!]