Insomniac Expands Into Social With Insomniac Click

by Meagan Marie on Mar 12, 2011 at 11:01 AM

Insomniac Games is expanding its reach, today announcing the creation of a new division: Insomniac Click. Revealed by Insomniac Games’ Chief Creative Officer Brian Hastings, Click will focus on web and mobile platforms.

Answering the question about  if Insomniac is “jumping on the social gaming bandwagon” before it could be asked, Hastings clarified that it is something Insomniac sees as a “pragmatic necessity,” but also that the company is passionate about adding fresh experiences to the field.

 “The gaming landscape is changing faster now than at any time in the industry’s existence,” said Hastings. “More people are playing games every day than ever before and the kinds of games they are playing are diversifying more rapidly than ever. The whole game industry is in the midst of what appears to be a sea change. But with this change comes some of the most exciting challenges and opportunities we’ve ever had.”

Hastings made clear that Click is an expansion of Insomniac, not a shift, and won’t influence the company’s current lineup or core focus. Rather, Insomniac Click is comprised of an entirely new staff brought on specifically for their expertise in the market.

He also made several “contracts with the audience” relating to inherent pitfalls of the social market that Insomniac Click wishes to avoid. This includes tossing out meaningless social interactions such as spam-like item requests, and creating games that fall in the “easy to learn, difficult to master” arena.  You can read the entire ambitious design manifesto here.

No information on upcoming Insomniac Click products was provided.