One Of Japan's Weirdest Game Stories Becomes Reality (Sort Of)

by Phil Kollar on Mar 09, 2011 at 08:15 AM

Have you played Persona 4? You should. It's awesome. It's basically a 100-hour-long murder mystery, and it all kicks off with a scene that has now played out in the real world in Michigan.

Persona 4's first mysterious murder comes in the form of a body found hanging from a telephone pole and with no clear signs of violence done against it. WXYZ reports that a disturbingly similar situation has arisen in Oak Park, Michigan, where the body of a man wearing only underwear and a t-shirt was found hanging from the top of a 1,000-foot broadcast tower.

So if Atlus' JRPG is any indication of what's going on in this case, where should police begin looking next? In Persona 4, a group of plucky high-schoolers journey into a strange, psychologically-driven world that exists inside of a television set in a local electronics store. I don't want to try to do the police officers' jobs for them, but they may want to stake out local strip malls.

[via Destructoid]