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Is Rush The Codename For Grand Theft Auto V?

by Phil Kollar on Mar 07, 2011 at 11:35 AM

We've already offered up plenty of speculation on what we want from the inevitable Grand Theft Auto V, but now some details have leaked about an previously-unheard-of Rockstar project that may be the next GTA game.

Twitter user supererogatory did some digging this weekend and discovered various casting calls and actors commenting on a mystery video game project called "Rush." One actor (RealThunderWolf on Twitter) identified the game as a Rockstar project.

Supererogatory was then pointed toward this casting call for Rush, which further suggests a GTA connection with some characters that would not feel out of place in that franchise. An inbred hillbilly named Clyde? A middle-aged weed evangelist? Yep, these sound like Rockstar characters.

The character descriptions reference California a lot, suggesting a possible return to GTA's San Andreas setting. The list of characters also include two FBI agents, making us wonder if Rush could also possible be a codename for Agent, another Rockstar project that we haven't heard anything about for quite some time.

We've reached out to Rockstar to get an official comment on this possible leak and will report back with whatever we hear.