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Did You Visit The PS3 Jailbreaker's Site? Sony May Have Your IP

by Tim Turi on Mar 07, 2011 at 09:03 AM

Kevin Butler's accidental retweeting of the PlayStation 3's jailbreak code may have been humorous, but Sony still isn't laughing. In a quest to appraise the damage of the PS3 jailbreaking, the company has won access to the IP information of all users who visited hacker George “GeoHot” Hotz's website or interacting him on social networking sites.

The court issued the order on March 3, asserting that the host of Hotz’ website, Bluehost, must relinquish all information that could help identify the sites’ visitors. Names, phone numbers, e-mail, IP, and other information is included in the personal information. Sony is primarily using the information to discover where the information has spread to.

Sony says such extremes are necessary. The computer entertainment juggernaut says it has “a good faith basis to obtain this information because it is relevant to whether the Court has jurisdiction over Mr. Hotz. SCEA needs to determine how rampant the access to and use of these circumvention devices has been in California in order to rebut Mr. Hotz’s suggestion that his illicit conduct was not aimed at the forum state.”

The company is also entitled to relevant information from YouTube, Google, and Twitter regarding Hotz’s jailbreaking antics.

Source: GameSpot