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Infinity Blade More Successful Than Shadow Complex

by Phil Kollar on Mar 05, 2011 at 08:00 AM

If you're at all like me and not a big mobile gamer, you may have been bummed to see Chair Entertainment move on from their incredibly good downloadable game, Shadow Complex, into creating Infinity Blade for iOS. My personal disappointment aside, it sounds like this was a smart business move for the Epic-owned developer.

Speaking to Joystiq, Epic vice president Mark Rein said that Infinity Blade was "hugely successful" in comparison to Shadow Complex. Rein didn't provide any solid numbers, but Joystiq noted that Shadow Complex currently has just over 545,000 players listed on its leaderboards, so I have to imagine Infinity Blade's numbers are at least approaching one million.

Do you think Chair should do more iOS games in the future, or would you like to see them return to the downloadable perfection that was Shadow Complex?