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gdc 2011

Angry Birds As An Entertainment Franchise

by Meagan Marie on Feb 28, 2011 at 01:10 PM

The success of Angry Birds across mobile platforms isn't debatable and developer Rovio fully intends to continue capitalizing on the brand.

Rovio “Head Eagle” Peter Vesterbacka spoke to the future of the franchise at a GDC panel this afternoon, reinforcing that the Angry Birds games will always remain at the core of the IP. Rovio plans to continue regular updates with new levels, birds, and more, even while looking into the viability of other entertainment markets. Proof of such can be found in the newest Angry Birds game – Angry Birds Rio – which is slated to release on March 22. Vesterbacka confirmed that Rovio is looking to expand the IP onto consoles but first must be reassured that the platform will allow for regular and meaningful updates.

Looking to the future, Vesterbacka explained that Rovio is most interested in broadcast media such as television, and that a full-length feature movie is currently in the works. The company took its first steps into merchandising last year with a line of Angry Birds phone cases, clothing, toys, and plush figures, and it has plans to further this arena as well.

Vesterbacka concluded the presentation stressing his belief that mobile gaming has become the center of gravity for the entire video game industry, and that smart phones will continue to position mobile at the heart of all entertainment. He expects new brands and intellectual property to emerge from the immensely competitive market and notes Angry Birds as a pioneer in this frontier.