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The Legend Of Paper: A Link To The Craft

by Tim Turi on Feb 12, 2011 at 04:25 PM

I'm having flashbacks here. This astounding 3D Link sprite reminds me of the time I painstakingly recreated our tunic-wearing hero in 3D Dot Game Heroes. However, that past achievement pales in comparison to this recyclable tribute.

This little guy would look mighty handsome sitting on my desk, or perhaps in the rear window of my vehicle staring at tailgaters as if they were pesky skulltulas. At the same time, I feel some strange tinglings in the back of my mind that can only the evil manipulative work of Ganon himself. What? No! No, of course I'm not curious how this majestic paper creation would fare against a pack of matches! Can someone bring me a fairy in a jar? i don't feel so well...