THQ Planning More Resources, Bigger Push For Metro 2034

by Phil Kollar on Feb 09, 2011 at 09:50 AM

I was easily one of the biggest supporters of last year's Ukranian-developed shooter Metro 2033, but you'd be forgiven for not even having heard of it. Thankfully, THQ is promising a much bigger marketing push behind the upcoming sequel, Metro 2034.

Speaking to IGN, THQ executive vice president Danny Bilson promised that shortcomings with the first game would fixed because, "The sequel's going to get a lot more support than the first one got both from product development at THQ and marketing."

Specifically, Bilson mentioned that shooting mechanics, an area that 2033 was pinged on by some critics, will be better "to compete with the Call of Dutys." Bilson also emphasized that THQ wants the game to maintain its Russian roots:

"We don't want to mess with it and Americanize it. It's got its own point of view. Even though our guys in Agoura did a lot of the work on the fiction, this time it's still that vision. You're going to see a more polished game, you're going to see some crazy technology. We green-lit it before the other one shipped and you're going to see some of it at E3."

We'll definitely be reporting on Metro 2034 at E3 and hopefully earlier if we get a chance to check it out. Here's hoping this time around the game won't fly under the radar.