Dragon Age II Character Reveal: Anders

by Phil Kollar on Feb 07, 2011 at 09:55 AM

One of the major character in Dragon Age II is a returning party member who fought alongside Origins' Grey Warden. Anders had his Dragon Age debut in Awakening, where he made his mark as a sarcastic rogue mage forced to become a Grey Warden. Just as Anders once ran from the Circle of Magi, players will discover him having abandoned the Grey Wardens as well in Dragon Age II.

New protagonist Hawke first encounters the mage in the slums of the city of Kirkwall, where Anders has taken up a life of healing refugees from the Blight. Hawke needs the former Grey Warden's help, and Anders is willing to oblige in return for a favor.

On this first quest with the new companion, Hawke uncovers some surprising twists about Anders and his new life. What secrets is the apostate hiding? Why are his eyes glowing eerily in the screenshot above? What other surprises await in Dragon Age II?

You can find out more about Anders and BioWare's latest epic RPG in the March issue of Game Informer, where we have a six-page feature going in-depth on the first five hours of this hotly anticipated game. In the meantime, check out the footage below to see a brief glimpse of Hawke and Anders in action.