Two Worlds II Royal Edition Unboxing

by Phil Kollar on Jan 13, 2011 at 12:30 PM

Sometimes you just want to buy a game, and other times you want to show off. For those latter occasions, Southpeak and Topware Interactive are offering up the Royal Edition of Two Worlds II. This $99.99 special edition of the game is available on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 and comes packed with a ton of goodies. Check out all the pictures below.

As you probably noticed in the top image, the biggest and most stand-out piece of this collection is this figurine of a scantily clad female from the game. Her name is Cassara, and she's a legendary prophet in Two Worlds II. Do all prophets dress that way in this world?

This map of Antaloor provides a handy reference while you play the game by giving you locations for all of the world's many dungeons, towns, teleport stones, and more. It should also help provide a good idea of how much time you can spend on the game.

As with any good special edition, this box also includes a fancy hardcover artbook. The book has over 70 pages covering characters, monsters, and locations in Antaloor. The art definitely looks beautiful if not necessarily unique. Take a look:

Gamers who purchase the Royal Edition will receive codes to download several pieces of bonus content for the game. I don't know what an Elexorien is exactly, but it sounds awesome!

A DVD! This extra disc is packed full of goodies, including artwork, an extensive soundtrack, a few videos, and a demo for Battle Vs. Chess.

I think this Two Worlds II mousepad comes with all versions of the Royal Edition, but it makes the most sense with the PC version. I mean, if your mousepad doesn't match the game you're playing...that's just not fashionable.

Finally, like so many special editions of late, the Two Worlds II Royal Edition comes with a 55-card pack of playing cards featuring characters from the game. Because let's be honest, when you're out playing poker with your buddies, you're probably actually thinking about that nice new sword you've been hunting for in-game.

And there's the whole collection! Honestly, it's a very solid pack, especially for a game that -- by most accounts of its predecessor's quality -- didn't seem likely to happen at all. Oh, and if you're wondering where the actual game is, the Royal Edition is actually so packed full of stuff that when you purchase it, you'll receive the game in a regular DVD case alongside this giant box. They couldn't even fit it in here! Seriously!

Anyone planning to take the plunge on this special edition?