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Angry Birds Knocks On Wood

by Meagan Marie on Jan 07, 2011 at 04:09 AM

Surefire success Angry Birds is transcending the digital realm, having been recently spotted at CES fashioned into a board game. Reports indicate that Mattel has translated the mobile app into a tangible product slated to retail for $14.99.

Angry Birds Knock on Wood has two to four players catapulting tiny plastic protagonists at structures housing thieving pigs. There is more strategy than simple destruction, however, as mission cards dictate the construction of said buildings. Collapsing structures wins points and the first to 1000 points wins.

The box will include three very agitated birds, four pig pieces, a slingshot, 14 construction blocks, and 56 mission cards.

Angry Birds Knock on Wood will release this May.

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