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Lengthy Retrospective Video Contains History Of ArenaNet, Awesome Guild Wars 2 Footage

by Phil Kollar on Jan 06, 2011 at 11:00 AM

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Though ArenaNet has not yet announced a release date for Guild Wars 2, it could very well end up being a 2011 release. To help celebrate the slow build-up to this anticipated sequel, NCSoft has released a 15-minute retrospective video that covers the origins of developer ArenaNet, how the original Guild Wars came together, and what we can expect from Guild Wars 2. It even has some screens from a very early, very rough-looking build of the first Guild Wars (such as the one above).

Watch the full video below and enjoy the great-looking Guild Wars 2 footage. ArenaNet is quite the interesting company, and I'll certainly be keeping my fingers crossed for seeing more from them this year.