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super replay

Super Replay – Overblood

by Dan Ryckert on Dec 31, 2010 at 04:37 AM

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Here at Game Informer, we have a staff of experienced gamers that have played and defeated just about every game you can imagine. However, we were utterly defeated by one particular title last summer...1997's Overblood. I had the main game picked for our Revolution X episode of Replay, but I needed to grab something from the vault for our Roulette game. I scanned the Playstation section and spotted Overblood, an EA-published game that I had never even heard of. What followed was perhaps the most unsuccessful moment of our gaming careers, and it was all caught on tape. With Tim at the controls and Reiner, Matt Helgeson, and myself trying to figure out what to do, we froze to death in the very first room of the game.

Well, we're back for revenge. We vow to play through the entirety of this completely forgettable survival horror title, and we're giving you lucky readers the chance to watch the drama unfold. Enjoy.

1/10 UPDATE: The password thing might have gotten messed up since people posted them in the comments, but our readers have put together a Facebook group for people that watched all six parts. Join and mourn the loss from Part 2 with others that know your pain.

1/12 UPDATE: Yeah, we got us some Pipo shirts.

Check out all Overblood episodes on our YouTube channel.