Infinity Blade Originally Planned For Kinect, May Head There Yet

by Phil Kollar on Dec 14, 2010 at 02:50 PM

If you've been impressed by screens and impressions of Chair Entertainment's new action-RPG Infinity Blade but don't own an iPhone or iPad to play it on, I know the feeling. I'm in the exact same spot. But we need not lose all hope yet. Chair has revealed that its game was originally being planned for Microsoft's Kinect device...and it could still end up there.

Speaking with Joystiq, Chair Entertainment co-founder Donald Mustard revealed the origins of the project as a Kinect game:

"We always have some cool ideas on deck, and kind of the inception of Infinity Blade began as a discussion around: 'If we were going to make a Kinect title, what would we make? What would a Chair Kinect game look like?' That discussion happened, you know, a year and a half ago. We had this really cool design, and it's not that dissimilar from the game you're playing today; it's just been refined and adapted to the iOS screen, which honestly I think is where the design works the best."

Mustard clarified that it was only the idea of the game that started on Kinect -- by the time they were actually making the game, they were focused on iOS. Still, Mustard says it could still end up on Kinect as well: "If the Kinect really takes off over the holiday season, who knows?" Fingers crossed!