UFC Suing Ubisoft Over Two Words

by Phil Kollar on Dec 11, 2010 at 09:20 AM

If you've ever wondered why major companies need to worry about legal jargon so much, here's the perfect example. Ubisoft is being sued by UFC over their Fighters Uncaged game for Kinect. No, UFC isn't claiming that Fighters Uncaged is too similar to UFC nor that Ubisoft ripped off any UFC fighters' likenesses. UFC's problem is with two words on the back of the box.

The packaging for Fighters Uncaged states that players can "Become the ULTIMATE FIGHTING weapon." The UFC (i.e. Ultimate Fighting Championship) is claiming that using the two caps-locked words infringes on their copyright and could confuse consumers looking for UFC-branded video games.

GamePolitics has the full report on the lawsuit. Do you think that the UFC has a point here, or is this just a frivolous lawsuit to try to squeeze some cash out of Ubisoft?