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Blog Herding: Community Edition 12/10/10

by Annette Gonzalez on Dec 10, 2010 at 12:32 PM

Welcome to the latest edition of Blog Herding where we post the work of the GIO community to the front page. Check out the musings of your peers below. Happy reading!

Learning From Video Games
What is there to learn from video games? Plenty according to WS-N. From history, literacy, and more check out the educational value our favorite entertainment medium serves its players.

Game Informer Online Community Frag-Fest 00: Recap and Highlight Reel

Last weekend members of the GIO community joined up online for a major frag fest. Eyros2k has put together a few highlights of the event.

Xbox 360: Driving Circles Around the Competition

According to the most recent NPD report, Xbox 360 is doing well in console sales. Is it the best system on the market? Born4this is leaning toward a yes. What do you think? Join the discussion on his blog post.

The Tyranny Of Father Time
Shootist 2600 provides a by-the-numbers breakdown on why there just isn’t enough time to get through his favorite media. Many of us can relate.

Arcades and Community Social Gaming - Saka's Vlog #2

Sakabato24 takes a unique approach to blogging with videos discussing the decline of arcades and social gaming.

Reboots In Video Games
With the reveal of the new Tomb Raider on the most recent issue of Game Informer, this got Cody Gilley thinking about reboots. He discusses the pros and cons of bringing back a beloved franchise.

Staff blogs you may have missed: Tim's afraid to start up WoW again. Reiner tackles transmedia storytelling and the Uncharted movie.