Well the recent GI cover revealed that Laura Croft will be getting a new face lift in a reboot of sorts. Many video game franchises seem to be getting face lifts as of late, games like Sonic (well), Devil May Cry, Dragon Age, Silent Hill, Castlevania, Banjo Kazooie and infamous(almost guess people have problems with change).


Why do I think reboots can be successful? Well first I would consider the franchise being rebooted and here are some possible questions that could be asked.

Does the franchise have room for improvement?

Can said franchise draw inspiration from others successfully?

Is the IP popular enough to have recognition with gamers?

Would the franchise make sense in a new style of genre? (such as changing from 2d to fps)


Castlevania for example has a name gamers can recognize, the 2D and 3D games could use improvement and the games definitely borrowed elements from other franchises (Metroid Shadow of the Colossus) Castlevania has rebooted itself many times going from 2d level system to a Metroid open world 2D game of sorts and thus symphony of The Night was born the best 2D (In my opinion) Castlevania. Then Castlevania tried 3d out and well that was met with bitter disappointment in the first incarnations. Then a miracle Castlevania Lords of Shadows came out and   hallelujah was that game spot on.

(Cannot tell you how happy I was with this game)


Resident Evil 4 abandoned the style which made the game famous and the change paid off. The game went on to amass even greater critical acclaim, redefining a new genre and go on to great sell numbers. Sure some "purists" may claim this ruined the series, everyone else probably enjoy the changes.

(My favorite game in the series next favorite being 2)


So as you may guess I enjoy the idea of reboots. However there are times where I can admit that a reboot may have not been the most viable option which brings me to Sonic. Our blue hedgehog seems to continually be struggling in the 3D realm while games from the same generation seem to have made the leap just fine such as Mario. I even though Mario reboots almost every time a game is released the fundamental principal stays the same, which is fun. Sonic keeps on trying to incorporate deep stories, new side characters that I guess we are supposed to care for, new gimmicks and Tails (seriously get rid of the little fox for his own good). For me so many changes and reboots just leave to feel that Sonic is just the name Sega is riding on and who could blame them Sonic made Sega. Mario keeps changing and yet keeps the fundamental principal that made gamers fall in love with him "fun". I would say 9,000 reboots are more than enough attempts to revive a character, just keep the fundamentals of what made the character fun and add them to a new creation. That way the character's ideas do not die and can help create new IPs.

(Sonic vs The Black Knight really?)

Spyro and Crash well (Crash of the Titans was pretty good.) could be examples as. However, if I start talking about where these franchises went I might start crying on the inside.



(Who would win in a contest of mediocrity?)

So I am all in favor for reboots and can't wait to see the new Laura Croft, just like I cannot wait to see the new Dante. Reboots give me a chance to experience new IPs with a new twist and get to see my favorite characters with a new perspective. I only hope developers remember what made everyone fall in love with the IP in the first place.

Here is hoping that the new Tomb Raider will be Game of The Year Material until next time Cody Gilley signing out..

(Thanks for the great cover art GI!)