Game Informer Receives Super Mario All-Stars And A Letter From The Princess

by Phil Kollar on Dec 08, 2010 at 01:20 PM

Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition will be available for Mario fanatics in North America to pick up this Sunday, December 12, but Nintendo was kind enough to send GI an early copy along with some unexpected bonuses. Check out all of the unboxing pictures below.

Here's the full contents of the package we received. Let's zoom in on some of the specifics.

Remember those letters that Princess Peach is always sending to Mario? Now I have one too! Although apparently I'm supposed to lie to Mario about receiving it, which makes it sound like he and the Princess have a pretty unhealthy relationship. Sadly, Peach did not include a P-Wing, but the package did have one special power-up:

A 1UP mushroom! And inside the mushroom...

Candy! These small, sugary candy pieces tasted like green apple more than mushrooms, but I'm not complaining. Once consumed, this treats gave me the energy needed to dig into the regular Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition packaging.

The game and bonus materials come in a nice thick box with a classy cover flap that pulls open to reveal screens from each of the Mario releases included: Super Mario Bros. 1-3 and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.

Inside the box are two DVD cases: the game and a bonus "Super Mario History" disc.

The "Super Mario History" case contains two items: a booklet (which I'll look at in a second) and a soundtrack CD. The disc has 10 themes (one from each of the "main" Mario games) as well as 10 bonus tracks with noises pulled from the original Super Mario Bros. Now you can finally put that classic NES "going down a pipe" noise onto all of your mix CDs.

The booklet is small but high-quality and has a few things that Mario fans will appreciate within.

Pages contain box art and screens for each of the 10 main Mario entries (plus Super Mario All-Stars). Each game also has a line of reminiscing from Shigeru Miyamoto, Takashi Tezuka, and Koji Kondo,but don't expect anything too ground-breaking in the short amount of space provided. Speaking about Super Mario Bros. 3, Miyamoto excitedly informs us, "The Tanooki suit turns into a statue!" It sure does, sir.

The coolest thing in the booklet? A few pages of awesome concept art from the early Mario games. Mario is totally pulling a Solid Snake on that Koopa in the bottom left.

On the back of the booklet, Nintendo has provided a full layout of the Super Mario gameography. Strangely (as in the book itself), Super Mario World 2 is not considered part of the main line of Mario releases. Also, notice the question mark block after Super Mario Galaxy 2? WORLD EXCLUSIVE: I think Nintendo is working on another Mario game.