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EverQuest II Could Get A Cataclysm-Style Reboot Of Its Own

by Phil Kollar on Dec 03, 2010 at 06:30 AM

There has been an understandable level of excitement surrounding World of Warcraft's new Cataclysm expansion, which has seen the whole virtual world of Azeroth redesigned. Now it sounds like another popular fantasy MMO could follow suit in the near future.

Speaking to Kotaku, Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley said the developer is "looking...closely" at a similar world-changing event for EverQuest II. Smedley says that if this happens to the world of Norrath, it won't be within their next expansion cycle, but it could be coming down the line.

Smedley doesn't seem concerned that Cataclysm will steal EQ2 players, but he believes it could bring in new players who haven't tried MMOs previously. SOE plans a big marketing push to help fight for a piece of that potential new market.

Would a Cataclysm-style refining of EverQuest II get you interested in the game? Or would SOE just look like it's stealing Blizzard's idea?