One Million Units Shipped For Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow

by Phil Kollar on Nov 22, 2010 at 07:40 AM

Here in the office, we have a few big fans of Lords of Shadow, Konami's latest attempt at taking the Castlevania franchise into 3D. Given how fans have been burned on the last few tries, though, we had to wonder how well it was doing. According to new info from the publisher, they're at least shipping a strong number.

Konami announced today that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow has shipped one million units in the U.S. and Europe. Konami president Shinji Hirano said the company is "pleased at the positive response we've seen toward Castlevania: Lords of Shadow globally." He also praised developer MercurySteam:

"The remarkable sales achieved in such a short time are a true testament of the work and dedication that went into this project, and we're very grateful to have partnered with such fine talent in the rebirth of one of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.'s most successful franchises."

Does one million shipped equal one million sales, though? And if not, is that actually remarkable? Personally, I hope so, because this game deserves some consumer love.