Time Of Death Declared On Wii Speak?

by Meagan Marie on Nov 17, 2010 at 10:45 AM

Whether Wii Speak is officially dead on arrival is a matter of debate. While one popular retail website lists the peripheral as discontinued and another as unavailable online, Nintendo has been quoted as saying “We’re still supplying Wii Speak and it’s still very much available should retail want to order it.”

A lukewarm answer at best, Nintendo’s response isn’t reassuring, especially when combined with an interesting nugget of info gleamed from a recent Bitmob interview. Speaking about The Conduit 2, High Voltage creative chief Eric Nofsigner casually mentioned that Nintendo instructed them not to include Wii Speak compatibility in the upcoming sequel.

Nintendo obviously hoped that games like Animal Crossing: City Folk and The Conduit would help bolster the peripheral’s success, but it doesn’t seem too far a leap to say that Wii Speak’s time has passed – if it ever had one in the first place.

(Source: 1up)