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Poker Night At The Inventory Adds TF Exclusives To The Pot

by Meagan Marie on Nov 04, 2010 at 04:20 AM

Telltale is adding extra incentive to purchase Poker Night at the Inventory to the pot. Six exclusive Team Fortress 2 items will randomly be selected by characters to buy into a hand. Win the round, keep the goods.

Check out the list of potential winnings below.

  • "The Iron Curtain" weapon, for use by the Heavy in TF2
  • Max's Lugermorph handgun for use by the Scout and the Engineer in TF2
  • Max's Freelance Police badge wearable by any player in TF2
  • Wrist watch from Penny Arcade's Tycho for the Spy in TF2
  • Styling "Dangeresque" sunglasses anted in by Strong Bad, wearable by Demoman in TF2

Additionally, if you preorder the title through Steam, you’ll receive a poker visor for the Heavy.

Poker Night at the Inventory will be available on Mac and PC later this month.