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Is This The PlayStation Phone?

by Phil Kollar on Oct 26, 2010 at 04:15 PM

We've heard rumors for ages now that Sony would soon be introducing a "PlayStation Phone" into the marketplace. Tonight, the latest and most exciting piece of evidence on this new product has been presented: actual pictures of a prototype of the device.

Engadget has their hands on this early model of the PlayStation Phone, which definitely looks a bit unfinished visually and is also apparently quite buggy. The pad in the middle is for multi-touch gameplay, and the phone includes the shoulder buttons we've come to expect from Sony handhelds/controllers. It is rumored to run off of Android 3.0 and connect to a Sony Marketplace for buying games.

Engadget speculates that with the phone still unfinished, a 2011 release is most likely, but a late 2010 release is still possible. Either way, with the prototype leaked, hopefully Sony will make an official announcement some time soon.