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Why I'm Thinking Of Canceling My Final Fantasy XIV Account

by Phil Kollar on Oct 16, 2010 at 09:55 AM

For the past week, I've been struggling to decide whether or not I'm going to keep playing Final Fantasy XIV once paid subscriptions kick in or if I'll cancel. Square Enix has increased the free trial period by a month, so I have a bit more time, but sooner or later I'll have to make a decision.

FF XIV has a lot of issues right now, but in my mind, the biggest problem is the clunky, unrefined slowness of the game's menus. I found a video that sums up all of my concerns and frustrations with the game through one seemingly simple act: selling 20 items to a vendor.

YouTube user lufia22 posted the following video, which shows the process of selling 20 items from your inventory to a vendor in Final Fantasy XIV. For comparison's sake, the video follows up with the much less tedious process of selling 20 items in World of Warcraft.


To be 100% clear for any hardcore FF XIV lovers in the audience, I neither think FF XIV should be just like WOW nor remotely want that. However, this kind of time-wasting bad design permeates a lot of the game right now, especially where navigating menus is concerned. Here's hoping this extra month of free play is plenty of time for Square to smooth things out, but I'm going to keep eying that cancellation button just in case.

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