Over 16,000 Years Spent Playing Halo Reach So Far And Other Terrifying Stats

by Phil Kollar on Oct 16, 2010 at 09:00 AM

Okay, Halo Reach is popular. Everyone gets that. But how often do you get to see a game's popularity quantified in such stark figures? Yesterday Bungie revealed that in its first month of release, gamers have already spent 16,445 years of total time playing Halo Reach.

This stat comes with a bunch of others in Bungie's most recent Weekly Update. Among the other astounding numbers:

-784 million player-games have been played (each game is counted once per player)
-544 billion in-game credits have been earned
-about 4 million screenshots have been uploaded
-almost 6 million total files have been uploaded

In addition to the stats, Bungie revealed some more interesting news for Reach's future. With the Noble Map Pack DLC on the way, they announced that unlike with previous Halo titles, DLC maps will not be put into separate playlists. Instead, the matchmaking will intelligently segment players who have the new maps so that everyone can still jump into the same playlists together.

Bungie also announced that they will be raising the current multiplayer level cap when the community completes 117 million daily and weekly challenges. According to internal estimates, the Reach community should hit this milestone in November, at which point players will finally be able to progress past the rank of Lt. Colonel Grade 3. New armor will also be made available in the Armory at this time.

So yes, with all of that exciting news for the future, that 16,000 years of Halo Reach is sure to continue growing. Cue the snarky comments about how we could have put that energy toward curing cancer, etc.