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Update: Dave Jones Not Headed To Epic, Other APB Devs Awaiting Payment

by Phil Kollar on Oct 05, 2010 at 02:35 PM

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UPDATE: It looks like Dave Jones isn't going to be working with Cliff Bleszinski and company any time soon after all. Jones posted in the comments section of a Develop story regarding this rumor, stating that he is "not in any way joining Epic" and has "no idea where that rumour came from." Develop later confirmed the poster's identity before updating their story.

ORIGINAL STORY: Last month, we reported on a rumor that Epic Games may have had some interest in purchasing APB after the action MMO released, flopped, and subsequently shut down this summer. There's still no news on that front, but a new rumor hints that APB designer and Realtime Worlds creative director Dave Jones may be taking on a senior position at Epic.

The Herald Scotland reports that Jones "has been linked with a senior post" at Epic Games, noting that he is "known" to be close friends with Mark Rein, the vice president of Epic.

Unfortunately, things aren't going so well for other members of the Realtime Worlds team. According to the report, since entering administration two months ago, 120 members of the 210-person staff have not received redundancy payments and are preparing an "employment tribunal claim." The lack of payment was called "frankly ridiculous" by one unnamed ex-staff member.

Whatever the value of Dave Jones to Epic, I hope the other Realtime World developers who probably need money much more get paid soon.

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