VTree And Ernie Els Debut My Golf Game

by Meagan Marie on Sep 30, 2010 at 06:45 AM

VTree LLC – a leader in the development of special needs software and assistive technology – announced that they have teamed up with golf champion Ernie Els for “My Golf Game.” My Golf Game is designed as a fun and authentic title for enthusiasts of the sport, but more importantly, as software accessible to individuals with special needs. Tailored for players with cognitive impairments, the game is also compatible with USB-adaptive devices and touch/voice interface navigation, opening play to gamers with an array of disabilities.

“The objective of My Golf Game is to give millions of people with special needs the opportunity to play golf on a modern video game,” explains Chuck Bergen, founder and president, Vtree LLC. “The game can be played with touch screen, foot pedals, voice recognition and other adaptive, assistive technology devices, in addition to traditional devices like a mouse, keyboards, and Xbox 360 game controllers.”

A PC title, My Golf Game uses technology lent from the EA Sports label to make the experience more authentic. This isn’t the first collaborative effort between VTree and EA, having worked together in the past on My Football Game.

“I am proud to be associated with My Golf Game,” chimes in Els. “As a parent of a child with autism it is great to see such a high quality game available to a wider group of gamers that will help develop key coordination skills.”

An undisclosed percentage of the sales from My Golf Game will go to The Els for Autism Foundation. Els is currently working to build a center that will include all the services a child with autism could benefit from, such as education, therapy, and research tools.

Picking up press, My Golf Game is slated to be featured on the Official Golf Channel, in a special that follows disabled veterans enjoying the title.

Interested in learning more about My Golf Game? You can find more information here.