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More Minecraft Insanity: Dude Building A Computer In-Game

by Phil Kollar on Sep 29, 2010 at 03:25 PM

I don't want to turn our site into Minecraft Informer or anything, but there are some seriously crazy things happening in this game that I am compelled to share. Yesterday, Adam showed off the U.S.S. Enterprise that one intrepid Minecrafter is building. Today, I bring you something even more ridiculous.

YouTube user theinternetftw posted the video below, where he shows off how he has put together a working ALU circuit in Minecraft. An ALU or "arithmetic logic unit" is basically the first piece of a fully functioning computer.

I don't fully understand the technical mumbo-jumbo behind it all, but as it's explained in the video, once theinternetftw's project is complete, it will be able to power a working computer, albeit a very slow computer. So...that is insane. Check it out for yourself in the video and share your favorite ludicrous Minecraft story in the comments.