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Driver Series Speeding Onto 3DS

by Phil Kollar on Sep 29, 2010 at 02:40 PM

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Ubisoft is already attempting to breathe some life into the long-dormant Driver franchise with next year's Driver: San Francisco, but it looks like their plans for the series don't end there.

Andriasang brings us news and first screenshots from Driver 3D, a new title for (surprise) the 3DS. No details are available on the game currently, but Ubisoft is aiming for a spring 2011 release, possibly to coincide with the new handheld's launch and maybe even the release of Driver: San Francisco as well.

The Andriasang post also has screenshots of a few previously-announced 3DS games: Splinter Cell 3D, Ghost Recon Tactics, and Battle of Giants Dinosaur 3D.